Contrary to the popular misconception that B2B marketers are staid and risk-averse, in an increasing number of cases, they are wildly inventive. From radical account-based marketing (ABM) strategies to novel uses of artificial intelligence to unconventional creative campaigns, B2B marketers are innovating at scale, transforming their industry, and even setting the tone for their B2C counterparts.

Against this backdrop, Adweek announces the second annual B2B Innovation Awards. The Adweek B2B Innovation Awards identify and recognize the organizations and people devoted to bringing new ideas to life in the world of B2B advertising and marketing.

Submissions are accepted in eight categories, and winners are selected by Adweek’s editors, profiled in the April issue. In addition, Adweek’s editors will honor a B2B Visionary whose ideas we predict will make an important impact on B2B marketing in the future. We will also bestow a B2B Lifetime Achievement Award for someone who has had a long-term impact on the way people think about and practice B2B marketing.

For awards deliberations, Adweek editors will use an “Innovation Scorecard” based on five criteria: Salability, Credibility, Originality, Practicality, Expandability (SCOPE). Salability—is the innovation commercially viable? Credibility—does the innovation have legitimacy and impact in the market and industry? Originality—is the innovation verifiably new or novel? Practicality—Does the innovation solve a problem? Expandability—Can the innovation be scaled?

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